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Private Readings

What to Expect When You Book

Booking a reading for me personally was a mix of excitement, vulnerability, and hoping to gain insights to assist my journey. Typically my feeling after receiving a reading is empowerment, a reminder that I have what it takes to take the lead in my life, and insights to help me evolve into the best version of myself. I strive for this to be your experience when working with me. 

My style of reading is to provide you with insight and knowledge that can empower you in the area of life you're asking about. Balance in reading is important to me, I will gladly give you all the wonderful things and I will also provide you with the areas that are opportunities for growth. We rarely walk one straight line in life, and if you do then we should definitely do a reading about why that's happening, but it's valuable to truly tap into the parts of ourself that might be harder to look at, so that we can give it less power and learn to work with those parts of self. 

Once you book your reading with me you will be sent an invoice where partial payment will be requested. At the time of booking, you will be prompted to submit your question. I typically will ask more questions while I work on your reading to get a deeper dive into answers.

Within 3-7 days you will receive an email requesting the remaining amount of your balance, once the full balance is paid, your reading will be emailed to the email you provided in the system. This will include pictures of your full spread along with written descriptions of your reading. 

I love this method because it's a great way to be able to have your reading for life and look back on it whenever you need.

Privacy & Safety

Because of the many fraudulent people pretending to be readers, please know that I will never reach out to you asking if you want to do a reading. I will only do readings for those who feel called to my platforms and request a reading. I will never request money from you through any of my social media platforms, should you come across someone pretending to be me, please report the person right away. My true social media platforms are the platforms linked to this site and listed on this site. 

Readings are treated with the same respect compared to a therapy session. No personal information, outcomes of reading or any information shared between myself and clients is shared and stays within the safety of our space. 

Reading Rules

It's important to understand that readings are not set in stone and we always have free will to change any outcome or direction/path we are experiencing in life. We truly have the power to create the life we want for ourself. Below are the types of questions that I personally don't do readings for;

Health Questions ( I am not a medical medium nor do I have medical certifications or backgrounds.)

Financial Investment Questions (I'm not a financial advisor and would never recommend someone investing, withdrawing, transferring, any large sums of money)

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

Payment Methods
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