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  • My necklace chain tarnished, what can I do?
    Everyone's skin can have a different reaction to different types of materials. While I strive to make each product special and with a lot of TLC, sometimes things happen. Should your chain tarnish, please send it back and we will send you a replacement free of charge.
  • When will I receive my order?
    Please refer to our shipping policy on the site.
  • My crystal fell out of the wrap, what should I do?
    Please don't wear your jewelry in water or while doing high impact activities to help avoid this. I do wrap to make sure that the crystal will stay and remain a part of your collection for a life time, but if your crystal does fall out, please send it back. I will gladly re-wrap it for you. I can get as close to the original design as possible or just give your crystal a fresh look.
  • What if I need to return or exchange what I ordered.
    Please refer to the shipping and returns page on the site. If you have further questions, feel free to contact me on the contact page.
  • What if I don't like my reading?
    I truly hope this is never the case. Sometimes we can ask questions that might require us to push outside our comfort level or do some work that may seem tough. I've learned we don't always get the answers we want but we get the answers we need at the time. I always try to give my readings with the hope that you leave feeling empowered weather the reading is exactly the confirmation you needed or maybe a moment to pause and do some work before you can reach your outcome. Because of this, I do not give refunds on my readings and would suggest making sure you feel aligned with me prior to booking a reading.
  • My reading has an appointment time, does that mean I get my reading at that time?
    If you booked a video reading then yes, that would be your appointment time and you will receive a link to join at that time. If you booked a 3 card, 7 card or Full Tarot reading, your reading will be emailed to you within 7 day & time you book.
  • How soon will I receive my reading?
    You will receive your reading in email with full pictures and explanations between 3-7 days. If you have any additional questions that pertain to your original question (we call these clarifiers) you are so welcome to email me back a response and I can pull another card to get some more clarity.
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